Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Weekend Update - It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, we woke up when Little Miss woke up. We all got ready and left the house to get our Christmas tree. Per our usual routine, we drove halfway and stopped at IHOP for brunch and then drove the rest of the way to the tree farm. After Little Miss introduced herself to the owner's kids and horses, we searched out the perfect tree.  The tree above is the one Little Miss picked out.
We chose the one above which looks small in the picture, but it is not.  We trimmed the top a bit, but it is much fuller than trees we've gotten in the past.  I'll post a picture later all decorated.  We had some last minute fixing throughout the last week or so.
On Saturday, Husband went to hit some golf balls and run some errands. I'd love to say Little Miss and I took advantage of the time and did lots of things. In the morning, we had breakfast and walked to the library. Then, we ate lunch. Then, we napped until 6:30. Seriously. I actually woke up earlier, but I read in bed while she slept. It was glorious.
On Sunday, Little Miss and I met a friend for lunch at Cafe Deluxe. It was really nice, and everyone treated Little Miss very well. We walked around the area and then watched Little Miss play on the playground. Then, we settled in to watch The Muppets. As expected, Little Miss slept through a bit of it. Then, she woke up and watched a little. Then, she flipped out. So, we left the theater early and she was punished. Still, it was a learning/teaching moment. It also came in handy the following week. She took the punishment like a champ though.

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