Thursday, December 23, 2010

O, (Little) Christmas Tree

As I mentioned before, Little Miss wanted her own Christmas tree.  Well, we finally decorated it.  It is above.  She was truly upset that it had no star so this week, she colored some paper, I cut it into the shape of a star and affixed it to the top of her tree.  She was so thrilled.

Last week, we finally got around to decorating our big tree.  I gave a shopping bag of 3-4 ornaments and told Little Miss to put the bag of ornaments on the tree.  She had been putting ornaments on her tree so I knew she was capable of hanging ornaments from the tree.  I turned the corner and saw the sight below:
I can't complain. She did exactly as she was asked.


Shannon said...

Oh that's priceless! I'm getting a good laugh out loud. And yes, she did exactly as you asked.

Unknown said...

LOL! Go Little Miss! She followed those directions to the letter!