Monday, December 6, 2010

Our #1 Problem was #2

As I mentioned, Little Miss potty-trained pretty much overnight.  However, she she had some hesitation with the poo.  She would try, but she would cry and carry on and will herself not to go.  The pediatrician suggested mineral oil to make it easier and, if it was easier, she would be more likely to go.  So, we did that for awhile (and still do).  So, after a couple of weeks, she would go on the potty (as opposed to her pants or in a pull-up), but she would still cry.  During her well-child check up, the doctor said it was perfectly natural especially because she trained so early.  She was more surprised that this was the only issue we've had.  So, we tried to be patient.  As one of our techniques, we created a sticker chart.  She liked the positive reinforcement and, to a lesser extent, a goal.  If she received 10 stickers, she could pick a present.  10 was an even number, but it was also a good way to create a habit of going and not just a phase.  And, in the last 2 weeks, she stopped crying, has no hesitation going at home or in public.  So, on Saturday, we went to the toy store, and she got to pick out a present. 

She first was a little overwhelmed by the toy store (as was I).  Then, she picked a train which wasn't that expensive.  She then saw a train puzzle and put back the train, but I told her she could have both if she wanted.  She ended up getting both and a flashlight.  I kept telling her that they were presents for finishing her sticker chart.  She is still getting stickers if she wants them, but there won't be anymore presents.  The sticker chart still resides on the bathroom door.  She points to it proudly every so often, and she does like to tell people she poos on the potty.  It's nice that she's proud of herself though a little embarrassing that she overshares.