Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Little Skier

In the above video, Little Miss put her skis on for the very first time. She did great! If anything, I think the helmet weighed her down or at least threw off her sense of balance. We only stayed out a short time and stopped when she wasn't having fun anymore (coincidentally right after she fell).  My dad spent time with her and we all went out to watch (Husband, Mom, Aunt and Uncle).  She'll be zooming down the hill in no time!


Shoshana said...

wow! She looked like she's having a blast...I'm too scared to ski, so I probably wouldn't have picture like that. :P

Donna said...

Oh, I am laughing out loud! How wonderful ... she is so cute!! Great to hear Karen and Gary's voices on the video!! Glad everyone is having fun!!

Unknown said...

Adorable! Husband used to teach skiing in CO and taught a lot of the smaller kids. I showed him the video and he smiled. :)