Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New TV

This week, I checked out Once Upon a Time on ABC. I'm interested, but I need to see where it's going after a few episodes. It's very complex and that can be interesting or too confusing. It'll depend on how sloppy the writers are. They are the same folk who did Lost. Though I didn't watch that show, it helps that they are used to flipping around in time and handling a lot of storylines and characters. Also, it depends on how patient I am with the fairytale aspect of the show. Basically, the Wicked Queen (from Snow White) casts a spell at Snow White and Prince Charming's wedding. Rumplestilskin told them their future for a price. So, in order to save the kingdom, they hide their baby, Emma. So, all the fairytale characters are in present-day reality with no memory of their past life. The pilot also has Emma coming to Storybrook and, hopefully, to break the spell. It was a very busy pilot.

Did anybody else watch? Thoughts? Was it sweet, interesting, wacky, too far-fetched?

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Shannon said...

I liked it a lot. I didn't think it was any more far fetched than most anything else on TV. I have not gotten interested in most new shows this year - tried and failed with PanAm, A Gifted Man (is that the name?) and I know I tried something else, but it takes a lot to get me to watch a new show. I like Revenge a lot though. So I plan to keep coming back to this one. If only to figure out why the Evil Queen put herself in Storybrook too. Seems she'd banish them all and not go herself.