Saturday, October 1, 2011

Weekend Update - Clarendon Day

Last Friday, we went grocery shopping and kept the kid out way too late, but it made for a pleasant Saturday morning. I woke up with her on Saturday. We had a lovely morning. Then, Sister came by with Nephew. The kids played and then the three of us walked to Clarendon. They had fun on all the inflatable exhibits - jumping castle (well, barrel of monkeys), inflatable slide and inflatable obstacle course. They were great, and I knew it would tire them out considerably. It tired them out so much that we took the Metro home instead of walking. We met Brother-in-Law at the mall and had lunch and ice cream. After, Brother-in-Law took Nephew and Little Miss and I went home to nap.
On Sunday, I actually woke up with Little Miss (Husband had many weekend mornings because Little Miss preferred him and who was I to argue). Then, when Husband woke up, I went back for a little snooze. His friends came over for football which made Little Miss thrilled. Then, we had bath night, dinner and bedtime. Stay tuned for some short videos of the kids!

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