Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Birthday Treats

First, I should say that the photo of the picture was snagged from this website though I've seen the same photo elsewhere as well and am not sure where it originated.

Little Miss's 4th birthday is Friday. Her birthday party was last Saturday (post to follow later this week). However, we now have to bring something to school for snack. I try not to bring big, sugary things. Last year, I brought chocolate chip cookies at her request. This year, I thought I'd try to find something in the Halloween theme. She had a Halloween party for her birthday, but it's also the theme at school this week. So, I've decided to tackle pretzel rod ghosts. I can guarantee now that mine will not look like the above photo. I have the ingredients, but my store was out of black icing pens so I have a pink and blue. I just saw another site where the faces were made from mini chocolate chips though so maybe I'll snag some of those and use the pink and blue as decoration. Or the whole thing could be a disaster and I'll be hitting the grocery store before school.

Stay tuned...

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