Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Update - Rock You Like a Hurricane

A couple of weeks ago, I posted that an earthquake hit our area.  The following weekend, we were scheduled to meet Hurricane Irene.  Based on the newscasts, the entire East coast was going to be demolished.  We didn't quite believe the hype but better safe than sorry.  So, we went to the grocery store on Thursday and stocked up a few things. 

On Friday, we had an Ice Cream Social at Little Miss's school.  She didn't see any of her friends or teachers, but it was nice to have some ice cream.  We also picked up some flashlights (or rather whatever was left that would work if the power went out).  Slim pickings considering the news treated the hurricane as if it was covering the end of the world.

On Saturday, Little Miss and I met Sister and Nephew at the mall for lunch and to spend some gift money.  We went to the Lego Store and The Disney Store.  Little Miss got 2 t-shirts and got to do some activities at the Disney Store.  Then, the kids played at the play area and we had lunch.  After, we went home.  In case the storm was bad, we fed Little Miss and gave her a bath.  Then, we waited and waited for Irene, but she kind of breezed through the area quickly. 

On Sunday, however, Irene did show her face.  She did knock down some power in the area.  Therefore, even though we had power in our apartment building, our building itself didn't have 100% power.  This affected us because we are on a higher floor and the pumps didn't work to pump water to our apartment.  So, we woke to no water.  By mid-afternoon, we prepared for the worst.  We were glad that we bought some water the week before, but we were conserving and didn't know how long we'd be out.  So, we packed up to go to Parents' house to shower and visit with Sister and Nephew a little.  The kids played while we glorified in running water.  We left and hoped for the best, but no water when we got home.  We microwaved some leftovers for dinner and left the dishes in the sink.  Luckily for us, we had water before we went to sleep.  Unfortunately, in order to restore power for the water pumps to work, they had to shut off all power, but it was short-term.

On Monday, I discovered that Irene knocked out phone lines at work for the entire week.  Inconvenient, but it wasn't the end of the world.  Seeing how the rest of the world fared, we got off pretty light.

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