Monday, September 19, 2011

Congratulations, Kyle Chandler!

I was already happy when Friday Night Lights won a writing award last night. It was proven that the theme song can make me all misty-eyed just by itself. So, Husband told me that if the writing award was making me happy, I was going to be very happy later on (I was watching on my DVR and about an hour behind). So, when I got to the best actor award, I was still skeptical but then so happy. It's nice to see Kyle Chandler be rewarded for years of failed television shows and decades of work. I was good with Mad Men winning Best Show over Friday Night Lights, but I only wish that Connie Britton could have won with him. It was a nice way to cap the end of the series.

I'll even forgive Kyle Chandler for not thanking me in his speech.

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