Friday, September 16, 2011

New TV

I don't write about television often though it's probably what I do with the majority of my time (not including work). This season, I decided to give a few new shows a shot. This week, Husband and I both checked out Up All Night and I watched The Secret Circle last night.
I will say that the CW network has a specific demographic. I don't always fall in that category. However, Gale Harold is in it, and I love him. Not in the way I love Coach Taylor but a lot. The show was solid, a good intro. I'll have to see if it can sustain a mystery while growing the characters and expanding the plot or, more importantly, just keep me interested. Seriously, Gale Harold plays such a good bad boy - except it seems like he's just pure bad boy in this and less the heart of gold.

I thought I should add what the shows were about.  The Secret Circle is about a teen whose mother is killed mysteriously by a man outside her house.  So, Cassie goes to live with her grandmother in a small town where she is told she is a witch.  Meanwhile, it looks like the parents of all the witches were all a group, and that's the bigger mystery.  What were the parents into that made all the witchcraft stop and how did each of them lose a parent?
I enjoyed Up All Night. I'm not quite hooked, but I'll give it another week or two. I like everyone in it so that's promising. Also, the parts I liked, I really love. I just have to see if those parts overcome the parts that I didn't like or the show improves over time.

Up All Night is about a set of new parents.  The husband stays home with the baby girl while the wife goes to work on a daytime talk show.  A lot of the baby moments are true to form if not slightly exaggerated, and I found the workplace humor a little over the top.  A lot happens in the first half hour, and I read they retooled it so I'm hoping it finds a good pace. 

Anybody else catch anything new to recommend?

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Unknown said...

I do not think we have that tv series here. Interesting!