Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Weekend Update - Are You Ready for Some Football?

Last weekend was kind of a blur. We went grocery shopping on Friday night (doesn't get any more exciting, right?)

On Saturday, I met book club at Seasons 52 where we had a great time and ate a delicious lunch - and spent 30 seconds giving the book a thumbs up or down. Big moment though because we all actually read the book. Afterwards, I picked up a couple of things at the mall and went home where the rest of the evening was pretty quiet.

On Sunday, we had breakfast and then made chicken avocado egg rolls while Husband made some Asian-inspired ribs. For dinner, I made bulgogi. We usually have lots of food for the beginning of the football season. Also, in the afternoon, Little Miss and I went to the party store for birthday invitations. While we were there, we picked up Little Miss's Halloween costume. It is the cutest thing ever on her. Then, dinner, bath and bedtime routine.

Sunday was also Grandparents Day so Little Miss called her grandparents and wished them a Happy Grandparents Day.