Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our post 9/11 Little Miss

Little Miss was born 6 years after 9/11.  Husband put this into perspective by saying Little Miss was born 6 years after 9/11;  we were born 6 years after the moon landing.  The moon landing seemed like forever ago, ancient history.  Little Miss is going to think 9/11 is ancient history.  Insane. 

Obviously, there was a lot of news coverage on 9/11.  Little Miss isn't quite understanding the depth of what was on television, but Husband did his best to simply state what happened.  She looked up at him and told him that it was ok to be sad, but then later impatiently asked when football was going to be on.  Evidently, she did get concerned when she saw the fire.  She didn't like the fire, but overall, she was pretty unaffected still by the images.  All she knew was that there was football on and it was her uncle's birthday.

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