Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Update - The Big Screen

Last Friday, Little Miss and I hung out at home while Husband worked. She had a bath and tried to stay up to see Husband but did not make it. She had her Minnie ears and Minnie Mouse and watched Choo Choo Express.

On Saturday, we had a good day. Husband woke up early to work again. Little Miss and I ate breakfast. Then, we took a walk to the mall to pick up some Christmas items and grab lunch. She took a good nap. Then, she went with the In-Laws to church and to spend the night. Husband came home from work, and I went to Movie Night. We watched
Casablanca and ate Moroccan food (more on that in a later post).

On Sunday, we had a lazy morning. Then, I picked up Little Miss and went out to my Parents' house. We met with Sister and Nephew. Then, Mom and Sister and I saw
The Blind Side while Dad babysat the kids. We fed the kids, and then I went back home. Little Miss slept very well last night as she always does after spending the day with her cousin.

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