Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Today is Election Day! So, even if it's not what you could consider a major election year for your state, get out and vote! I can't say I was moved by any of the candidates, but I did my civic duty.

Little Miss and I left early this morning to go vote. It's a fairly big election in Virginia. We elect our new governor this year. I get to our polling place to find it's closed. There was a map and directions to new polling locations. So, I turn around and walk back to the correct polling place (which strangely is my original polling place when I moved to the area until they reshuffled us). I voted and got my "I Voted in Arlington" sticker. Little Miss got her "Future Voter" sticker. I would have taken photos, but I left my camera at work by accident. As a treat for my running around (literally as I walked), I went to
Cosi for peppermint hot chocolate.