Friday, November 27, 2009


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was nice. We made a lot of food early - Cranberry Sauce with Orange Liqueur, roasted potatoes, and crab dip. We were in pretty good shape going into Thanksgiving. I fell a little behind with my cleaning and didn't dust, but everything was presentable. My table setting is the first photo. My new tablecloth and napkins looked nice and autumnal. I always love an excuse to drag out the china (holidays, birthdays, a Tuesday). I used a lot of pieces and serving utensils from my grandma which made me feel really nice.

We hosted my parents this year and had a nice relaxing day. We started with early appetizers of
shrimp cocktail, crab dip and scallops wrapped with bacon. Then, we put the turkey in and hung out and chatted. After a little while, I made the creamed corn while Husband made the stuffing. Husband miscalculated the amount of stuffing and made enough for like 12 people. We have enough stuffing for weeks. Right before the turkey was supposed to be done, I stuck the potatoes in the oven to heat and rolls. Then, the turkey was... still cooking. The turkey took about an hour longer to cook than expected. Around 7PM, dinner was ready! It wasn't late, just later than expected. Little Miss, at that point, had crawled onto the couch, put her head down with her piggy and fell asleep. This only concerned us because she hadn't eaten much all day, but she also hadn't napped all day so she was beat. After all the playing at the table, it was sad she couldn't sit with us. On the other hand, we had a nice dinner with no food on the floor.

After dinner, we were stuffed. So, we split up the pie to eat later (later meaning I may have a piece for breakfast). We chatted for a little while longer and cleaned up. Little Miss finally woke up and wouldn't eat any of the Thanksgiving dinner. So, she just had her weight in dry cereal. It wasn't a battle I wanted to have and, if she had a full belly with something somewhat healthy, I was fine with that. A little after her makeshift dinner, Little Miss led Husband to her room and asked to be put to bed. We said goodnight to my parents and just relaxed. I moved things to make room for our Christmas tree and read a bit of my book while Husband watched the football game. Then, I went to bed so I would be ready to get our tree.

Our post-Thanksgiving tradition is to have brunch and get our Christmas tree so we have a long weekend to decorate.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and gave thanks!

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