Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Photos

Both Sister and I and my mother tried to have a Christmas photo with Nephew and Little Miss. Both of us succeeded in having a professional photographer snap a photo with both kids in the frame. However, I swear the kids are allergic to the photography studio. There was crying, begging, pleading - and that was all done by the adults. Bribery didn't work. So, here are the finished products (above is the photo when Sister and I went and below is my mother's attempt). Both are photos of the photos so the color is a little off or dull, but you can get the gist of them. The one above is growing on me. At least the kids don't look miserable.


Shannon said...

Why does it look like he's trying to strangle her in the first pic?? haha.

host said...

Oh I know what you mean about getting them to stay still and smiling for just one photo :)
I like both pictures, they are cute.