Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Concert Update - Ever the Same

Last night, I left work at 2PM to hang out with a friend. We went to Fair Oaks Mall to get our nails done and have dinner at Chesecake Factory. I got my nails painted Smitten with Mittens, an OPI color. It's a really neat red with a little sparkle to it. After that, we went to Patriot Center to see Rob Thomas with opening acts Carolina Liar and OneRepublic. The opening acts were pretty solid. I'm not a huge fan of either band, but I like them well enough. I thought it was to their benefit that they sounded just like they do, if not better, on the radio and television. Both bands were very musical (in that they played their instruments very well and had some interesting arrangements) which was nice to experience. It's not everyday that you hear an electric cello rock out! The concert was fantastic overall. Both opening acts played the song(s) I knew of theirs. Rob Thomas was fantastic. He played most of my favorites (and I'll let him off the hook for not playing the ballads I love because too many ballads bring the show down). My one complaint is that it was FREEZING in the auditorium. I can't stress how cold it was. A couple of years ago, my friend and I saw James Blunt at an outside venue where it was unseasonably cold. We sat outside in literally freezing weather. It was warmer than the inside concert last night. Still, I was going to see Rob Thomas no matter what the weather. Below is a video clip of his version of Bent, the matchbox twenty song he performed last night. I actually love a lot of his songs simpler or acoustic, and this one is no exception.


Fire on the Mountain
Give Me the Meltdown
Real World '09
Lonely No More

Sunday Morning, New York City Blue
Streetcorner Symphony
Getting Late into That's Alright with Carolina Liar
Still Ain't Over You
Ever the Same


Something to Be
Little Wonders
Fallin' to Pieces

Her Diamonds
I Am an Illusion


Feel so Bad
Smooth with Zach Filkins (OneRepublic)
This Is How a Heart Breaks


qunjuliete said...

The concert was so good. I'm glad that we went. I've already penciled in then MB20 concert for 2011. :)

I posted Ever the Same to my blog. Now we can relive both performances. Yay!

princessapr said...

I was going to choose Ever the Same, but the sound was a little screwy. My first choice was Little Wonders, but I'm sticking to my record of not crying during the song.