Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend Update - Trick or Treat!

On Friday, I have no idea what we did, but it probably involved dinner, television and bed.

On Saturday, I finished my bookclub book (a week early which is an all-new accomplishment for me). I also started reading my next book. I also took a nap on Saturday which was glorious but responsible for putting us back a little in terms of our Halloween schedule. So, we got to
the mall to go Trick or Treating and met up with Sister, Brother-in-Law, and Nephew (also, FYI, Santa shows up in 4 days). It was a mad house as usual. Both kids were super cranky. The three of us stayed later. Little Miss kind of thought her ideal Halloween was going into the stores and picking out clothes as her treat. She did not get any though she almost did. Then, Husband, Little Miss and I went to Champps for dinner. Little Miss ate well and seemed to have a good time. She had a good time at my parents' house as well - probably because it was a small group of people and she got candy. We went late-night grocery shopping on the way home (Little Miss slept in the car while Husband actually went in to grab food) and then got home. Little Miss woke up and wouldn't go back to bed. She was very clingy. I think she was just glad to have some time alone with us.

On Sunday, we adjusted to the end of Daylight Savings Time and were pretty lazy. Little Miss took some time to play and color a little. Also, Little Miss and I did leave the apartment to go shoe shopping (she needed some holiday shoes, and I needed shoes because I've had my eye on this red plaid pair for awhile) and to pick up a few things at the grocery store. We had a relaxing evening and geared up for the work week.

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