Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Update - Sleeping In

On Friday, we celebrated out 10th anniversary. In-Laws watched Little Miss so we had dinner at Peking Gourmet Inn which was super yummy. Then, we stopped home briefly to put our leftovers in the fridge before heading out to see Couples Retreat. I see it was #1 last weekend so I guess we weren't the only ones. It was a cute movie. That said, there wasn't much else out. Also, the above photo is from the lamest fortune ever. Seriously, I had to take a picture. Who gets that as a fortune?!

On Saturday, we slept late, rolled over and slept some more. It was glorious. I slept so much, I had a sleep hangover. It was worth it. Then, we pretty much ate leftovers, went grocery shopping and welcomed Little Miss back home.

On Sunday, we all had breakfast together. Then, Little Miss took a quick nap. When she woke up, we took a walk to
CVS to pick up a couple of things we forgot at the grocery store. On the way home, I gave Little Miss some frozen yogurt at TCBY. She loved it. Then, she took another nap (and I did, too) and then we played and had dinner. She, as is routine on Sunday, did not go to bed. Usually, she goes to bed and wakes up between 10PM and 11:30PM, but last night, she just didn't go to sleep until 10:30PM. It's only Sundays. After dinner last night, she ran around the apartment laughing and screaming. She'd go from the front door all the way to her back bedroom then back to the front door and then around to the balcony door. I have 3 video clips, but I'll only show one. They're all basically the same. This is actually the third one so she had been running and laughing for maybe 3-5 minutes and this was the tail end of the craziness. You can see she's running out of steam (sort of).

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host said...

Congrats on you anniversary!
Little Miss is adorable (as usual) :)