Sunday, October 25, 2009

Videos from this Weekend


The first one is from breakfast. The spoon is still a little tricky for Little Miss especially spoons with liquid, but she did a good job and was insistent she feed herself. Also, whenever she sees the camera, she says, "CHEEEESE!" so I got that as well.

The second video is from this morning. For her birthday, In-Laws gave her a bear that sings and dances and has a little cupcake that lights up and says Happy Birthday. So, earlier today, she learned to turn it on (and on and on and on and so on for about 5 hours). I was lucky enough to catch her dancing.



host said...

Cute! I love how she eats :)

Brandi said...

Awww, she dances just like you! :)

Hey, are those the same kitchen chairs you grew up with? I saw them and had a flashback to being 12. But maybe I'm remembering wrong...

qunjuliete said...

She is so adorable. At least she's not afraid of the bear now like she was when she first saw it. :)

april said...

Yes, Brandi, those are the same chairs. Actually, we had 2 sets of chairs that were pretty much the same so I can't guarantee they were the same ones from when I was 12, but they were my parents'.

Jackie, she became fast friends with that bear. She still will only touch the foot. Evidently, she got her finger stuck in the propeller. (I tried this because how much could it hurt but it um hurts - not my smartest move.)

naomi said...

Goodness, that bear would be the death of me, but Little Miss looks like she enjoys it. And how cute is she when she says cheese!

I can't believe she's almost 2!