Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Big Girl

Little Miss has always been very interested in the potty. It was one of her first words. She loves watching people go. Then, last week, her friends, Piggy and Penguin, went potty (complete with hand washing afterwards - er hoof and wing washing). So, today, Little Miss kept saying "potty" out of context. After the first time, we decided to bring her to try to go potty whenever she said it. The first time, she had a full diaper and didn't go. We figured it was a false alarm or we were too late. Then, the second time, she had a full diaper, but she tinkled just the faintest amount. She then reached for the toilet paper (laughed while we cleaned up) and then flushed. She stood on the stool to wash her hands. Then there was much praise and applauding. I know it's a long process, but you have to start somewhere, and it's very exciting that we've begun. After the start of our weekend, this was a nice ending. More on the crazy weekend with the official update. I'll try to get pictures on the potty later (maybe a recreation).


Brandi said...

Good luck! Amelia is just barely potty trained (like, as in this week, and even now I'm afraid I'm jinxing it by speaking of it). She's FOUR. Four!!! It took us four years to get here. Ben was nearly four. Liam was the easiest. He was barely three. So the fact that Little Miss was even willing to try so early is a good sign.

By the way, I never had a free minute to comment, but I really liked your posts chronicling your relationship thus far.