Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Update - Highs and Lows

In the film, The Story of Us the family sits around the dinner table and talks about the daily highs and lows in which each member describes his or her high point of the day and the low point of the day. This weekend had many highs and lows. On Friday, we babysat Nephew. It was the first time we had both kids. We pretty much cleared out night expecting the worst. Usually, this strategy works out for us. However, we had no idea that there was a scenario worse than our imagined worst case.

It started out with a bang. I went to give Nephew some ice cream. While I was dishing the ice cream, I heard a bang and the noise of shattering glass behind me. For whatever reason, Husband and I keep vases on top of the refridgerator even though numerous times over the course of the last eleven years, they have fallen off. This vase not only fell and broke, but it just shattered into dust. Nephew was so good and blocked off the kitchen and kept Little Miss out. I cleaned up the big pieces and then gave the kids ice cream while Husband went in after to vaccuum. After ice cream, we got into pjs and got ready for bed when Nephew decided he wanted a bath. So, we decided to give the kids a bath.

I got the air mattress out while Husband supervised the bath. As soon as Little Miss was naked, she peed all over the floor. So, Husband cleaned and bleached the floor while the kids were in the bath. Then, we got them ready for bed, read a bedtime story, and said goodnight. Two seconds after the lights were out, Nephew informed us that Little Miss was throwing things at him. So, we let him sleep while we took Little Miss back into the living room.

After Nephew fell into an incredibly deep sleep, we put Little Miss back in the crib where she proceeded to talk Nephew's sleeping ear off. Then, it was quieter. We then hear Little Miss say "Poo". I thought she said "Pooh" which is her nursery theme. Nope. She said "Poo". She had taken off her pajamas and her diaper and smeared poo all over her crib sheet. Husband grabbed her and brought her onto the couch. He put her on a towel and cleaned her up. I took her friends out of the crib and disposed of the diaper. Then, Husband helped me take out the mattress and change the sheet. While he handwashed the sheet, I continued to clean Little Miss and put her pajamas back on. Husband put the mattress back in the bedroom. We plunked Little Miss in the playpen and ignored her (for her own safety). Amazingly, Nephew was still sound asleep despite the circus going on all around him. Finally, Little Miss fell asleep.

Saturday morning, Little Miss woke up about 6 hours after she fell asleep (which is about half the sleep she usually gets a night) and started talking to Nephew. Nephew came into our room. I let him crawl into bed with us. A few minutes later, I keep thinking he's damp. So, I ask Nephew if he's wet. He looks at me and says, "Auntie April, I'm very wet." So, I get up before dawn and change him into the clothes from the night before. I put him back into bed with Husband and take out Little Miss Chatterbox to see if she'll selep on the couch. No such luck. Both kids were wide awake. So, we have breakfast (Nephew helped Husband make pancakes) and watch television. We then decide to go pumpkin picking and make plans to meet Sister and Brother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law.

This view is the view of the road while we drove to the orchard. It was raining just a little bit. It continued to rain pretty much all day. So, we get to the farm and start to pick out pumpkins. Nephew takes quite a liking to Brother-in-Law and orders him all around. We then all choose a pumpkin, visit the country store for a bunch of items we didn't need but desperately wanted. Nephew was a good sport. He was good in the rain and fell a couple of times in the mud. Little Miss was a little less amused. She fell a couple of times and then refused to walk anymore. She only got down to walk when she realized Nephew was stealing her Uncle and Aunt.

After we were done, Sister and Nephew left while Brother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law, Husband, Little Miss and I went to lunch at Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats. It was very tasty. Little Miss was good and seemed to like having her Uncle and Aunt all to herself. She took a great nap and was pretty good for the rest of the evening.

On Sunday, everyone slept late. Then, Husband woke up with Little Miss. I joined them for breakfast. It was pretty much a lazy day, but we needed a lazy day. I had a separate blog post for the big accomplishment. The low of the day was when Little Miss had a temper tantrum and ran head first into the refridgerator. We have some magnets and she hit one of the big ones right in the forehead. She was very cranky. I think the weekend just wore her out and that was the last straw. She went to bed almost an hour before her bedtime and slept for more than 12 hours. That concluded our crazy weekend. I'd love to say we can recover next weekend, but we'll have company and the big 2-year-old birthday party.