Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Circle of Friends Award

My friend, Shannon gave me another virtual award (and let me tell you, my virtual mantle is getting heavy with all of my virtual awards - I may need a virtual awards room). As with most things, they get better if you share (except chocolate, that's only good if you don't share). Shannon and I literally sat next to each other for probably around 5 years, maybe a little more. It's been nice seeing her survive dating and settle down and get everything she's waited for. Plus, she says nice things about Little Miss, and that's really the only qualification I need to keep a friend.

In order of friendship, here are my circle of friends (and the ones on which I bestow this award and tag):
1. Brandi, as I've mentioned before, is my friend since middle school. We were both transplants to Fairfield. She moved during high school, and we kept in touch as best we could. Thanks to email and the Internet, it's much easier to reconnect (and stay connected).
2. Katie is a friend from college. She was about 4 doors or so down from my dorm room Freshman year. Though I didn't stay very close with a lot of the girls from Freshman year, they were a huge part of why I loved college. It was a special time of late-night chats, road trips, group meals. It was great to hear from her last year, see her beautiful family and keep in contact.
3. Naomi is a friend from the Internet. I met her through the Judith McNaught Bulletin Board. However, we've met in person quite a few times. We talk at least weekly by email or Instant Messager (but most of the time, we chat daily if there's time and things work out). We share a lot of books and have similar tastes which is nice.
4. Jackie is a friend, like Shannon, that I met through work. We started talking because we had a shared interest in romance novels. As with most things, you start friendships with something in common and it grows from there.
5. Sanna is a friend from the Internet. We "met" through the Susan Elizabeth Phillips Bulletin Board. She lives in Germany, but I'm hoping she may make it to me next year, and we can finally meet. She's very talented with baking and with a needle and thread. I have one of her handbags and, one of these days, I'm totally getting another.


ktNcompany said...

proud to be your friend... :)

qunjuliete said...

It's kind of funny that we started hanging out over a love of books and now we keep picking books to share that neither of us like. That's kind of hilarious to me. Thanks for including me. :)

Sanna said...

April, thanks for giving me that award and about those lovely words you said about me. We will definately come over next year. As I am writing this, plane tickets are right next to me. Booked and paid. Can't wait to meet up.

Love and hugs, Sanna

Unknown said...

Aw, thanks for the award. You know my day goes much better when we can IM at work. :)

It's wonderful having friends who share many of your interests and I know my life is fuller because of our friendship.