Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend Update - Terrible (Almost) Twos

1/4 of The Enemy (above) and its Stubborn Opponent (below)

To continue from the previous entry, Little Miss fell asleep on the way home from my parents' house. We picked up Husband and went grocery shopping. Husband actually went grocery shopping while I stayed in the car with Little Miss. While I put away the groceries, Little Miss was eating some Chex. At one point, she just threw some on the floor. So, Husband asked her to pick up the 4 pieces on the floor. She just lost it. She started to cry and scream and kick. After about 10 minutes, Husband just put her in her crib and shut the door... where she proceeded to scream and cry for 10 minutes straight. After 10 minutes, Husband took her out, calmed her down and asked her once again to pick up the cereal. She started freaking out all over again. All she had to do was pick up 4 pieces of cereal and hand them to me. After about 45 minutes, she actually did. After she picked them up and gave them to me, she smiled at us. So, we praised her. And, so we can torture her in the future just like she tortured us, I took a video excerpt. Enjoy!



Brandi said...

Welcome too my world.

Brandi said...

I hate that you can't edit comments. To. That should be Welcome TO my world.

MrsErinS said...

oh WOW!!! :)

april said...

Yeah, so have fun babysitting this weekend, Aunt Erin! :)