Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You Want What?

I have a confession to make.

I judge other people's wedding registries. I do. I can't help it. I know mine wasn't perfect and, if I did it over, I'd do things slightly different. Still, it's fun to see what people think they need. Sometimes, when I'm bored, I'll look up my name and see what people who have my name want. It's amazing how many people who share my name have horrible taste.

For instance, a fellow princess asked for
Knitting Lingerie Style. I laugh because 1. I can't knit but also because 2. I am jealous because I bet a knit corset is SO comfortable yet I can't imagine it having the same support as a traditional one. How sexy is a fuzzy teddy - and not the bear variety?

Another princess registered for the following items from
Crate and Barrel. I'm sure the products are of great quality. It just makes me wonder what decade this is - Cheese and Chocolate Fondue set, Acacia Chip and Dip set, and the matching Acacia Salad Bowls and Servers set. Between the wood and fondue, I'm thinking early '70's perhaps.

Another princess actually had a pretty good registry. It was a little plain, but there was nothing to criticize.

Do any of you have any guilty pleasures? Oh, and you should see me when it comes to baby registries...

Follow up on baby registries: I commend a fellow princess of registering for this, but she also registered for almost all clothing. People give clothing whether you register for it or not. People love buying little clothes. Don't register for it. Register for stuff you actually need like diapers, furniture, diapers, diaper bag, diapers...


Unknown said...

I love to google registries and gift lists. And poke fun at what people want. It can really cheer me up after a hard day. :-)

Shannon said...

I've totally looked at the registries for ex-boyfriends and laughed at the purple towels you know their wives picked out.

Also, what's up with the registries where a fork costs $30...I wonder who these people's friends are The Trumps and The Hiltons??

Btw I totally want a fondue set :)

MrsErinS said...

a registry that i'm looking at right now for a wedding in august...they have a luggage rack. huh? isn't that what the bed is for? are they turning their house into a B&B or something? so strange.