Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Update - The Half-Blood Prince

Last week was a little nutty. I was on vacation from Wednesday to Friday. I didn't do full entries, but I had a busy week. On Friday, Little Miss and I went to Dad and Mom's house to steal food for lunch. Then, Mom, Little Miss and I went to the the mall to get portraits taken of Little Miss in her hanbok at The Picture People. It was still a little big on her, but I had an awesome coupon that was too good to pass up. The portraits came out beautifully. As soon as I get the email, I'll post some photos. After, I dropped Mom off so I could beat rush hour traffic, but rush hour traffic won that race. We had a super happy little girl that night. She ran around thrilled until bedtime.

Saturday is my day to sleep in. So, Husband woke up with Little Miss while I stayed in bed. In the early afternoon, I went to
the mall to meet friends for lunch and to see Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince. We had a good time. I also shopped a little. I should also mentioned that a friend and I made plans to see Rob Thomas in concert this fall. I've seen matchbox twenty in concert 3 times, I believe, but I've never seen Rob Thomas perform solo (though I did buy his DVD so I can prepare. I love Cradlesong so I'm super excited for this concert.

Sunday is my day to wake up with Little Miss. Luckily, she was still tired so we both dozed on the couch for a bit. Then, she ate breakfast and we all lounged about the house lazily. In the early afternoon, she went to spend time with the In-Laws while we went to a wake of a former co-worker of Husband's. We came home to go grocery shopping and to a tired Little Miss. We ate dinner, and then I put Little Miss to bed.

And, of course, it's Monday again, the beginning of another crazy week.

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Shoshana said...

I want to watch his concert too because he's cute. That and he could sing.