Wednesday, July 8, 2009


After last weekend, I wanted to update you all and say that Little Miss has been a perfect little angel. She's been eating like a big girl. Starting this week, she'll only happily eat out of regular plates and bowls with the regular flatware. We don't mind, but she still gets her sippy cups. She's gone to bed with no fuss. She's been so huggy and chatting up a storm. She's said a bunch of new words like "shoes", "cheese", and I think she said "I love you, too" today when I said, "I love you". If not, I like to believe she said it so don't ruin my good thoughts. Husband just reminded me that she tried to say "pj's" last night so I thought I'd update to acknowledge her genius.

Just an FYI: the photo above is a Korean angel.
This site, Mary & Me, sells rubber stamps of different Asian designs (not just Korean). I'd have a photo of Little Miss, but I left my thumb drive at home so this will have to do.

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