Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Update - Friends and Family Plan

Last Friday was a quiet night. Our place was clean from recent company. We had leftovers for dinner. Then, I went to bed super early because it was a late-night week. Little Miss was a little difficult to put to bed, but Husband was a good sport and stayed with her for a couple of hours.

On Saturday, we went grocery shopping. Then, I made Mozzarella-Stuffed Tomatoes, and my friends came over to see Little Miss. We then went to see The Ugly Truth. I didn't really love it, but it seemed like everyone else in the theater did. I did laugh a couple of times, but I thought the movie was just missing something. After, we went to dinner at Lost Dog Cafe which was yummy (despite the fact that I left my leftovers in my friend's car). Then, we hung out at a Starbucks to sit and catch up. It was a nice day.

On Sunday, I got up with Little Miss. The photo to the left is from Sunday morning when she was playing with the Louisiana beads that I won. Then, I made macaroni and cheese for lunches this week. Then, we went to the In-Laws' pool. Little Miss was, once again, horrible at bed time. We'll see if the weekday routine will help, but I'm done with the tired but won't go to bed routine. This week should be quiet which will be nice. Maybe I can stay up past 10PM or continue to keep the apartment clean. Oh! Before I'm done, Little Miss has started to dance. Below is a (short) video of her dancing ability (note that, in the video, as soon as I acknowledge her dancing, she stops):


MrsErinS said...

LOVE lost dog cafe! yum. did you go to the new location or old one??

but i love the dancing laura the most :)

Shannon said...

I saw The Ugly Truth yesterday. I actually really liked it. Definitely predictable but entertaining. Kristian even enjoyed it which was surprising.

princessapr said...

We went to the old one, I guess. It's about to be renovated. I just found out that they deliver, too, and deliver beer. I should have grabbed a menu.