Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Won (and Now Can't Ever Say I Never Win Anything)!

On Wednesday, I went to a party held by the SuperRomance authors, which is one of the lines under Harlequin. When I went to Susan Gable's table to introduce myself, she handed out invitations. I was also told there would be snacks. Plus, the theme was tiaras and a princess always goes where there are tiaras. There was a contest and raffles for tote bags full of goodies. To my great surprise, I won the first prize of the evening, a tote bag full of Louisiana goodies - hot sauces, various snacks and Cajun goodies, a pot holder, beads, and 7 signed SuperRomance books. It was very exciting. I have even read one of the titles already (and it was a good one). I'm sure you'll see them soon in my Books Read entries. Below is a photo of all of the goodies excluding the beads. Little Miss was playing with them. It was how I got her away from the loot while I took the photo. Yay, me!


Brandi said...

Sweet! I never win anything. Except, of course, blog awards from you. :) I finally followed through with my award-tag. I couldn't think of ten things so I had to resort to telling people about my menstrual cycle. If they complain I'm directing them to you.

(And my word verification is rearsore. Ew.)

Unknown said...

That looks like a great haul! Sounds like you had a great few days at RWA and with friends. Still wishing I was there. Oh well. :)

Shoshana said...

Congrats April! Wow! That is awesome. I never win anything at RWA. I missed it this year.