Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekend Update - Nothing was Everything I Thought it Could Be

Last weekend was a blur of nothing. On Friday, after work, I met a friend and went to Borders to see David Sedaris speak and sign books. I'm sort of familiar with his work, but I hadn't actually read much. He was a great speaker despite having laryngitis. It was a fun night. After the signing, we went to shop a little and grabbed a bite to eat at La Madeleine. I didn't get the tomato basil soup, but now I want it. Seriously good. I don't even like tomato soup. That said, I wasn't in the mood so got the French Onion soup and a salad. And that summed up the most exciting part of my weekend.

Saturday and Sunday involved a lot of sleeping and grocery shopping. Seriously. This is the lamest weekend update ever.

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