Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Little Miss is the smartest child in the world! She has an Elmo doll that you can examine. He asks you to check his boo boo under his bandage. He asks you to listen to his heart. He also sneezes and asks you to blow his nose with a tissue. Tonight, Little Miss took his tissue and blew his nose! Of course, her nose was also running and, when asked to go to Daddy to blow her nose, she just used Elmo's tissue to wipe her nose. Not quite the result we were seeking, but it's nice to see her understanding and reacting to what we say.

On a somewhat related note, we run the dishwasher at night. So, in the morning before we leave, Little Miss opens the dishwasher and helps me empty it. She takes the bowls and plates off the bottom drawer and hands them to me. Then, when it's empty, she closes the dishwasher up. Lately, too, she'll find trash on the floor where we may have missed the trash can, and she'll pick it up. Now, we just need to teach her not to be scared of the vaccuum cleaner and get her to really work for us.

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Shoshana said...

Oh, that's a good start! Very impressive actually. It's good to be a little scared on the vacuum. My boys weren't scared of it, and I end up having to buy a new one every so many months becauset they do something mysterious to is under the guise of cleaning.