Friday, June 26, 2009

My Lunch Date

I had a lunch date today with my favorite 4-year-old. I met Sister and Nephew for lunch and picked up Husband from the Metro. The four of us had a good time. Later, I'll post a photo that Nephew took of Sister, Husband and me. He's not a bad photographer. It's not his fault he took the photo into the "sunlight". At least he got all of us in one frame. Fun times, and he's a good, little boy.

He helped me with my straw. He took the straw wrapper off my straw and then put it into my Diet Coke. I guess to test how fresh the soda was, he took a sip, let out a big "aahhhhh" and then tried to drink it all. I took it away, but it's nice to have a royal tester for my food and drink.

It was a nice break to the workday and a nice way to end the hectic work week. I needed some 4-year-old laughs.


Nikki said...

Hello April,

I hope you don´t mind a total stranger leaving a mark in you blog. I found you on Kristin Hannah and thought I´d visit you.

Hope everyting is ok with you and your family.

Lovely pictures, I like your blog and I will come back.

Take Care/IKA

princessapr said...

Nice to see you here! :) Thanks for the nice words and hope all is well with you and yours, too. We are well if not disappointed another Monday came around too quickly.

Nikki said...

Mondays do have a tendency to come very fast but then all of a sudden it´s friday and then the weekend just rushes by, lol

It seems like the only days that exists are mondays and sundays.

My two boys are age 8 and they are just fine, they had a friend over today, they are having a summmer holiday from school, they start school again august the 20th.

Have you read all of Kristin Hannah´s books? I couldn´t find all in our city library. I´m starting with "Between Sisters"

If you get curious about my blog there is a google translater you can press and voĆ­la..well not sure if it´s 100% perfect..but I think you will understand what I write about *smiles*


princessapr said...

I have read Between Sisters and all of Kristin Hannah's books. I have to admit that I don't remember that one well, but I haven't read a Kristin Hannah book I haven't liked.

I'm jealous of your boys' summer vacation. I remember those days.

I'll try the Google translater when I have more time at home. I'd be very interested in checking out your blog!