Sunday, June 21, 2009

What Were You Doing 2 Years Ago?

This is what we were doing! We got to see Little Miss for the first time! We already heard the heartbeat, but it was nice to see her especially to hear the good news that everything a healthy baby needed, she had. Oh! And we found the baby was, indeed, a she. Husband was correct. He thought the baby would be a girl. I thought the baby would be a boy. We had a lovely technician who spent a lot of time explaining everything to us. It was reminiscent of an anatomy lesson. We got to see each of her 10 toes and 10 fingers. She also had the hiccups while we viewed her. We were given many photos which we couldn't wait to show everyone (and we did - I think all our friends and family saw the photos within days). It's hard to imagine it was only 2 years ago and now she's such a big girl!

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