Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Update - Fun in the Sun

First, this video is from Wednesday. For Husband's birthday, we had the In-Laws over, and Little Miss had some fun with a game of peekaboo.

Now, back to our regularly-scheduled Weekend Update. On Friday, we had a nice Girls' Night In. Husband, Brother-in-Law, and friends went to the Nationals game while the New York Mets were in town. So, Sister-in-Law came over and spent time with Little Miss and me. We had wine, an appetizer, a simple dinner, and dessert. Little Miss entertained us, and then she went to bed. Sister-in-Law and I chatted and watched bad television (so bad it would break the confidentiality agreement we made if I disclosed what exactly we watched). We both saw Rent a couple of weeks ago and have been obsessing ever since. So, because I have Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway and she has Rent, the 2005 film, we traded. After she left, I watched half the movie before bed.

On Saturday, Little Miss slept in a little while was nice. Then, we got up and ate and played.
Little Miss took a nap, and then we took her to In-Laws' house for the night. Brother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law, Husband and I had plans for a night out. We went to Bullfeathers for dinner and drinks and then went to Nationals Park to see night 2 of the Nats v. Mets. The Mets won Friday night and got killed the night we attended. It was kind of painful. The game was also only 2 hours though so we were home by about 10:30PM. Because we already had the night free of child, we watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall which I got for my birthday. We enjoyed it. I've already seen it, but it's always funny to me, and I had never seen the extended version so parts were new to me.

On Sunday, we slept obscenely late. I'm not even going to tell you how late. It was that late. I did manage to read half a book which I'm enjoying more than I expected. In the afternoon, we went to the In-Laws' pool. Little Miss was more than happy to ignore us most of the afternoon to continue being spoiled by her grandparents. The pool was a little chilly for her so she didn't do much more than stick her feet in. Then, when the sun hid below some buildings, we changed her into her regular clothes. At that point, she decided to go into the pool and get drenched. Of course. We changed her into the clothes she wore the day before and headed home. She had a bath and has been sleeping since 7PM - no dinner, nothing. We're very afraid she's going to wake up at 2AM starving, but there's a chance she'll sleep until morning. We had a nice dinner, will finish watching Frost/Nixon, and will probably head to bed.

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Unknown said...

I love sleeping in late! I don't get to do it nearly enough. Usually I try to read and doze when I sleep in, which is a lovely combination. Sounds like a great weekend, though!