Friday, June 19, 2009

Sexy Friday

Today is Hugh Dancy's birthday so what better present than to be the ricipient of Sexy Friday? There are probably better photos out there, but I liked this one. Sometimes, he's a bit too pretty in photos. Though I know he has been in many movies, I've actually only seen him in Ella Enchanted. I've wanted to see others in his filmography, but I just haven't yet. It was in Evening that he met his fiance, Claire Danes. I've seen a handful of her movies at least, but she'll always shine the most as Angela Chase in My So-Called Life. I loved that show, and I still get tickled when I see a castmember show up in projects to this day.


Brandi said...

I think Clare Danes was my first girl-crush, I just didn't know it at the time. And yes, she will always be Angela Chase, just as Jared Leto will always be Jordan Catalano.

Sanna said...

This is Clare Danes?? Wow. I was so into My so-called life back then. Angela & Jordan were great.

Hugh Dancy usually doesn't appeal to me, but then, there are some shots I like. Didn't like him in Shopaholic, though. He's just too boyish for me.