Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Update - I'm Pooped!

On Friday, I had to work a little late because work has been a little busy. Husband went to meet with friends while Little Miss and I hung out at home. We had an appointment at JC Penney for Little Miss's 18-month portraits even though she's 19-months old. My plan was to take formal portraits in her Korean hanbok, but it's still a touch too big. So, we took just regular portraits. Husband came home at Little Miss's bedtime with a pizza, and that's pretty much how the rest of the evening.

On Saturday, Husband went to play golf. We had breakfast. Little Miss took a small nap. We had lunch. Little Miss took another short nap. Then, we head to the mall to take pictures! We arrived early to hopefully sneak in early. They actually took us early. We got into the room and Little Miss freaked out. She started crying, clinging to my leg. So, the photographer said we could regroup and come back at our appointment time. So we did. Little Miss started smiling as soon as left the room. We were at the front desk and she started smiling, climbing on the chairs, coloring. So, we went back into the room. She was still clingy but she didn't cry. She sat on my lap and the photographer draped me so you couldn't see me. He snapped a couple of photos. She started warming up to him. She still wasn't very cooperative, but we got 3-4 good pictures, and that was good enough for me. When we got home, we both took a very long nap. Sister came to my neighborhood for drinks and asked if I wanted to come out, and I was too tired.

On Sunday, Husband got up with Little Miss who woke up with enough energy for 4 people. She
ran around constantly for a couple of hours laughing and giggling. She had breakfast. Husband tried unsuccessfully to put her down for a nap. I fed her lunch and then put her down successfully for a small nap. Then, after she woke up, we went to Sister's pool. We all had a lot of fun and sun. Little Miss was a rockstar in the water. She slid under water twice and didn't fuss at all. She put her face in the water. She splashed. She tried to drink the water, but we tried to stop her as much as we could. I'm sure more water than we wished got through though. Little Miss and Nephew took a bath. Nephew had dinner and Little Miss refused dinner. So, we left. Little Miss fell asleep in the car and has been sleeping ever since. She hasn't eaten since lunch so the question is: should we wake her or risk the chance she wakes up in the middle of the night hungry? She may just sleep because she got a lot of sun and used a ton of energy today in the water. We shall see. *fingers crossed*

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