Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Season of Giving

This is inspired by my friend
Brandi. During this season of giving, I thought I'd list the charities which I support. I only donated to one this season as a gift, but I often give to charities instead of giving a gift throughout the year. I also try to donate as I am able to causes which I support.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities - Brandi specifically mentioned this one as well. I know that it helped her family, and ever since, I've tried to give a donation annually.

Autism Speaks - When Nephew tested on the autistic spectrum, we all got a little crash course. It looks like he may test closer to average children because of all the strides he's made at school though. His speech is improving so much, too. Even I can understand him now! Even still, there is so much to learn about this disease and whatever we can do to educate people and eliminate it is crucial.

Habitat for Humanity - I've donated both time and money to this organization. I think it's a fantastic organization that really helps people help themselves.

Holt International - This one may be a little more obscure, but it's the adoption agency from which I was adopted. I've donated to them on behalf of my parents for Mother's or Father's Day. I always thought it was a great present because it helps provide for children but also gives back to an agency that helped make our family possible.

5. This year, I also donated my parents' local chapter of
The Humane Society. My mom donates a lot of items to her local shelter so I thought donating to the local chapter of The Humane Society would be something she'd appreciate. (Edited: The Human Society totally different than The Humane Society. What a difference a letter makes!)

6. One last non-profit to mention is The Parkinson's Action Network. To quote its website, "PAN serves as the voice of Parkinson’s on numerous public policy issues affecting the Parkinson’s community. In addition to continuing our work on NIH funding and research, the Parkinson’s community is now a powerful voice on many crucial issues including Parkinson’s-specific programs at the Departments of Defense and Veteran’s Affairs, FDA drug approval issues, HHS programs (Medicare and Social Security), and our continuing struggle to achieve research freedom for stem cell research." I have yet to donate to PAN, but it is where Husband works so I like to think we donate time.

There are others that come and go. I often support various health-related charities and also support a lot of walkers in Walk-a-Thon fundraisers throughout the year.

Who are your favorite charities or about what group would you like to educate me?