Friday, December 5, 2008

I’m holding you as you sleep
I get this feeling of peace
I know that you’re going to be all right
‘Cause heaven is in my arms tonight
And I know that someday girl
You’ll be the one to change the world
Believing and seeing your wishes all come true
~ Brian Wilson, "Dream Angel"

Last night, I did our new routine. I gave Little Miss her bottle. I rocked her. When she started getting drowsy, I put her in her crib. She did stand and start to babble, but eventually, she sat and then reclined. After only about 15 minutes, I put on The Nutcracker Suite and left the room even though she was still kind of awake. She slept through the night, but she did wake up at 7AM versus 8AM when she usually does. Still, I'll take 7AM over 2AM (or 3AM or 4AM). Even though we have a routine, she doesn't have a set bedtime. She goes to bed whenever she starts rubbing her eyes (which is usually the same time). I like to wire her up and run her down before then.

Tonight, Husband is taking over bed duty while I go out. I hope she's as good for him as she has been for me.

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Stacy said...

I read the other entry of your week long sleep adventures. All I have to say is I have been there! And I don't wish it on anyone. LOL

Good luck! I hope the routine continues.