Thursday, December 11, 2008

Is There Something on my Nose?

Last night, my meal looked nothing like that photo. Actually, it was a yummy one, but I took some shortcuts because it was a weeknight. It's a shrimp, tomato and basil dish over linguini. So, because Little Miss can't have shellfish yet, we just cut up linguini and put some leftover red sauce on it for her. It's her favorite meal. She ate like a champ.

Later that night, I was changing her diaper to put her to bed, and she started coughing... for like 10 minutes. So, Husband thought she swallowed something. We had been watching her get drowsy for awhile so I didn't think she swallowed anything. Then, he thought we weren't careful enough and she had some shrimp or something that touched shrimp and was having an allergic reaction. So, we continue to thump her back while she coughs while coming up with worse and worse scenarios. Meanwhile, her eyes are watering, she's getting overheated and her nose is running. So, then, we decide to clear out her nose which is a trial because she hates when we go near her nose (even if this will help her breathe better). So, I sit down on the rocker to calm her down and ask Husband to wipe her nose again. He does. Then, I notice she has something huge on her nose, and I ask him what it was (well, I was a little more hysterical and may have used a curse word albeit a mild one). So, he discovers that she had a piece of linguini stuck. We usually cut the linguini pretty small, but she started slurping it last night, and it was so cute. So, some of the pieces were a little longer. Last night, one of the longer pieces came out her nose. Once free of the torturous pasta, she was fine, but she was sweaty and a little confused.

We gave her a bath to calm her down and tire her out, and all was right in the household once again, but it was scary! Today, however, it's kind of funny. Comedy is tragedy plus time, you know...