Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend Update - Lots of Pictures Coming At You!

Last Friday, we had a nice quiet evening. We all had dinner together. Then, after Little Miss fell asleep, Husband and I watched Talk to Me. We popped popcorn and hung out. It was a nice quiet evening.

On Saturday, we woke up early to celebrate Christmas just the three of us. Because we're spending the holiday away from home, we didn't want to trek our presents and wanted to celebrate with some quiet quality time. It was a lot of fun. Little Miss received a couple of ornaments,
a book, and a toy. Husband received Scrubs, a new wallet, an XM Sound System which I paid a lot less for and shared the cost with Brother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law, a book and chocolates. I got a new iPod which I so desperately wanted, the Shamwow, an engraved Mommy photo frame, and a couple of gift cards.

After presents, Husband made waffles for us. They were delicious! We lounged around in our pajamas for awhile. Then, we got ready to go grocery shopping. Little Miss ate her way through the grocery store with free samples of cookies, ham, cheese, sourdough bread, and cantaloupe. She also got a red balloon. When we got home, she took a brief nap which wasn't unusual. Her new routine is taking a very brief morning nap of about 30-45 minutes. Then, she stays awake most of the afternoon with exceptions (see the section about Sunday).

On Saturday night, we went to Mass with the In-Laws. Little Miss was good, but she does get
restless. Husband took her when he received Communion. After seeing him open his mouth, she looked at him and said, "NUM NUM!" - her word for food. At the pew, I gave her some goldfish crackers. After church, we went to the In-Laws' apartment for dinner and more presents. Everyone was very generous, and we loved all our presents. The picture to the right is right is Little Miss and me in her bedroom right before we left for Mass.

On Sunday, Little Miss and I slept very late. Therefore, I was late getting to my friend's house. The three of us went to
California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. Little Miss was a little bratty because she was exhausted. We then walked around and went shopping. We went to Target along with some other stores. I mentioned I got new jammies, but I also picked up new shoes.

After, we went home to a cranky household. Husband had a bad football day/season. I made a yummy
shrimp over pasta dinner. Then, we hung out with Little Miss until her bedtime. After, Husband read his book while I played with my new iPod. Then, we went to bed and face out 2-day work week before our 12-day vacation!


Erin said...

she's such a big girl standing by the tree! I can't get over it!!

Brandi said...

You got a Shamwow?

I'm so jealous. :)

Will and I are getting Snuggies.

I'm still waiting for a Ronco dehydrator.