Monday, December 1, 2008

When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars...

OK, it's not the dawning of the age of Aquarius, but did you get a chance to look up to the sky tonight?

Jupiter and Venus were shining bright right next to the moon. I couldn't find a very accurate photo, but it was so cool! I never see stuff in the sky. Plus, in the city, I rarely see stars. So, when I left work and saw the bright shining planets next to the moon, I was puzzled. Then, I heard on the radio that the planets are in view tonight for the last time in quite awhile (though the accounts varied depending on where I did my research).

Hope you got a chance to see the planets and moon!


Shannon said...

Oooh, thanks for the reminder! I went outside to check, but the moon doesn't seem to be visible anywhere around. Must not have risen high enough yet or something, but I'll keep checking!