Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May 2015 Weekend Update

Let's see. We had a ridiculously busy May. The first weekend, we had our annual Kentucky Derby party which involved crazy cleaning and cooking. We had chicken parm, pasta, egg rolls, salads, a wide range of foods. Then, some stayed for the fight. It was a lot of fun. The next day, I met a friends for lunch which was always fun.

The second weekend of May, we hit up the elementary school's Fun Fair for a brief time before heading to our Nephew's first birthday party. It was crazy hot but a lot of fun. The next day was Mother's Day. We went to Sister's house for a Mother's Day brunch. We ate a ridiculous amount of delicious food. We celebrated the oldest Nephew's birthday as well.
The third weekend in May, I took the kids to the park. Little Miss met up with a friend there by chance and had a blast. Captain did not like the slide and couldn't really do much as he's not quite walking yet. Also, we got eaten up by mosquitoes which was unfortunate. 
On Sunday, Little Miss had a playdate in the morning. So, I dropped her off before taking Captain to The Taste of Arlington. It was very hot, but he was a trooper. I gave him doughnuts and a lot of other tastes. I would have given him chili, but that was scalding hot so I was a good mama instead. Later, I picked up Little Miss, dropped Captain at home and took her to Taste of Arlington in the evening so she could play games and try some food. Lots of good food. I refused to stand in long lines which is why I like to go when it opens, but there were some great restaurants there. I felt the variety was better than in the past, but the lines are still obnoxious after 2PM.
The fourth week of the month, we hung out at Brother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law's pool with the In-laws.  It was great.  The weather was a bit cool, but the kids went in the pool anyway.  We ate a lot and chatted.  On Sunday, we went wedding dress shopping with Sister.  We were all very successful.  She chose a dress.  The attendants chose dresses, and we have an idea of what to do for Little Miss.  On Monday, we hit the driving range before going to my parents' pool.  Captain walked around the baby pool for a long time, fighting sleep.  Little Miss had a good time, but I think she missed someone to play with.  
The last weekend in May, Little Miss and I woke early to clean up the school's courtyard.  Every bug seemed to get a taste of me.  After, we wanted to go to the pool, but we were too tired (read that as I was too tired).  So, I took a nap and chose to do nothing instead. 
On Sunday, Little Miss woke up sick so she stayed on the couch with Husband while she recovered.  I took Captain to my parents' house so he could see my grandparents.  They were tickled by him - as they should be.  It was an exhausting month.  June seems busy but not nearly as busy.