Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I'm Not Surviving 7

Little Miss.  She is becoming so mouthy and hyper.  She either wants to lose herself in YouTube or ignore adults.  We've been cracking down lately because we can't handle the attitude.  

Lately, she's been also mentioning that she's fat.  Of course, we tell her she is not.  She can see that clothes hang off her body and never fit her waist.  Her eating has become a little more difficult than usual, but then she'll turn it around sometimes.  She eats a decent lunch, but it's mostly fruits and vegetables.  I worry that it's not filling her up, but she seems to be good.  I pack her a lot.  Her lunch today was cucumber, grapes, crackers, pretzels, and a peach.  I threw in a granola bar, too.  She'll buy her lunch occasionally.  Last week was chicken and waffles which is crazy to this northern girl, but Little Miss loved it.

Little Miss still loves her brother.  She entertains him, calms him, and reads to him every night until he falls asleep.  It helps get her reading in and helps him fall asleep so it's win-win.  They eat dinner together.  He's a much better eater.  Last night, he was going through plate after plate after plate of food and, when Husband sat down, Captain let him know he was still hungry.  Husband said, "How are you out of food already?"  Little Miss looked at him and said, "He's insane, Bro!"

I can't even.