Friday, February 8, 2013

Weekend Update - 100 Days

It was so quiet last weekend, I don't remember what we did.  I know Little Miss and I woke up on Saturday and played board games.  We watched footage of the Groundhog who says we'll have an early Spring.  This may be true in northern Virginia, but I doubt anyone reading this from the Northeast will agree with him.  Oh, it's coming back to me.  After lunch, Little Miss and I ran errands.  We had lunch at a pizza place and then went to the craft store for some supplies for a school project.  Then, we hit the grocery store.  When we got home, she did her school project for the 100th Day.  Basically, after 100 days of school, the kids had to glue 100 anythings on poster board.  We bought white poster board.  She painted grass and a tree with an apple and we glued 100 yarn legs on 10 segments of a very hungry caterpillar.  We saw it on Pinterest and revised it for the project.  Little Miss and I spend many moments browsing through Pinterest for crafts and foods together.  It's kid friendly with all the pictures and links.  She has her own board and everything.  As an added bonus, I made little Goldfish snacks with a little poem attached for the kids with the 100 Day theme.  Little Miss did all the cutting and pasting.  All I did was handle the food and tied the yarn around the baggie.

On Sunday, the three of us woke early and went to Maggiano's (well, early for us, we had to be there for 10AM).  Little Miss got to decorate her own chef's hat and was given an apron.  She was taught to make her own lasagna and then made it to come home with us.  It was a lot of fun.  On the way out, she was given her own Maggiano's pizza cutter.  After the class, Husband put the lasagna in the car while the two of us stayed warm inside at Starbucks.  Then, when Maggiano's officially opened, we had a nice lunch.  When we got home, all three of us had probably the longest nap on record... and it was glorious.  The rest of the evening was just the regular routine.