Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weekend Update - We're Gonna Party Like It's Your Birthday

Last Friday, I don't think we did anything. It was a busy week for me. Between Husband breaking his ankle and needing to go to the doctor and my social life of movie-going and bowling, I was ready to relax. I can't remember what I did on Friday, but I don't think it was a lot. Either way, on Saturday, I had grand plans of completing three small errands - return library books, visit the fabric store and go to the grocery store. Right.
So, the morning was pretty productive. There was breakfast and then like 3 hours passed in about 5 minutes. I swear I have no idea what happened. A big part of the time flying was Little Miss woke up in a crazy mood. She was very belligerent and cranky. I knew she wouldn't get a nap and would be staying up late so the odds were definitely not in our favor for having a relaxing day. After what seemed like a day and a half, we finally got out the door. I renewed the library books so we didn't have to go there. Husband was disappointed because he wanted me to pick up Girl Scout cookies from the booth there. However, there was a booth at the fabric store so he got his wish anyway. Then, Little Miss and I grabbed lunch during which there were many threats. She decided she didn't like the food even though she ordered it. After she tried it (which was the best mac and cheese I've ever had), she decided it wasn't so bad. We did run out of time before we could have dessert so she got a Tagalong in the car. We got home just in time to wrap the Inlaws' presents and head to Brother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law's house to celebrate joint birthdays (even though they're really in January and February).
We had a great time. The cousins were so cute together and really played nicely (see picture #1).  We had a delicious meal which Little Miss tried.  She was honest and said she liked the taste but didn't care for the texture of brisket.  I know beef is an odd texture and expected the reaction, but I wanted her to tell me if that was what she didn't like or if it was the whole thing.  So, I'm going to try meatballs next week.  I think it's a baby step from a hamburger but also she can help make them.  We transitioned into big girl toothpaste this week, too, so lots of changes.  She was reluctant to accept that change, but she's gotten better each night.  She just has to use the new toothpaste once a day until the old baby toothpaste is gone.
On Sunday, Little Miss was a full-on brat.  She took a very brief nap which didn't help.  Husband's friend came over briefly.  Then, Little Miss took a walk with me to the ATM and took, no lie, 20 minutes to get dressed.  When we got home, she took a bath and used up all our remaining patience.  So, she went to bed a lot earlier which worked out because then I got to watch the Academy Awards in peace.  Usually, we make a nice meal, but this year take out worked perfectly.  Also, Little Miss had a good night's sleep for the first time in days and woke up such a good girl this week.  (Extra note:  next time, we'll take the family picture before the end of the evening when we're all not as tired.)