Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend Update - The Highs and Lows

This weekend was full of highs and lows. As always, I'll start at the top. On Friday, work let out early for the long weekend. I picked up Little Miss early. We hung out at the apartment while I goofed around online. Then, we went to Front Page for dinner where Husband joined us later. When asked if she wanted pasta for dinner or to go out, she responded, "let's go out for pasta." So, that's what we did. They treat her like a little princess there and give away a little treat from a treasure chest at the end of the meal. After dinner, Husband drove us into the city to see Disney on Ice. Little Miss was all dolled up in her Ariel costume this time. She was absolutely mesmerized. She almost fell asleep at the end until Sebastian started "Under the Sea". She slept well when we got home.

On Saturday, we woke up and left for western Maryland where my parents have their vacation home. We mostly relaxed and had a birthday dinner for my mom (a little early). We all went to bed early. On Sunday, we woke up to go skiing. Little Miss declared she wasn't going to go skiing this weekend so Husband took her tubing. We took a handful of runs down the mountain before we all met for lunch. Husband came hobbling in. After the first tubing run, his ankle crashed into a pile of ice. Then, on his way back to the house, the car got stuck and then slid into a ditch so it wasn't a great day for him. We went home to help and then stayed in for the evening. The hot tub wasn't working, but we managed to stay up past 9PM so that's something.  Little Miss was so great playing with Nephew (with very few exceptions).  She also claims that my parents' new cat was the highlight of her weekend.  Griffin is a sweetie and came out quite a bit for Little Miss.  He's still a little shy, but he was good with the kids when they stood still.

On Monday, I took Little Miss ice skating because she had asked. She had a "lesson" (basically, some kid walked her around the small rink) and then skated on her own for a half hour which is like 20 minutes longer than I expected. She loved it. Even after falling, she got right back up. I think, at one point, she cried after skating into a wall, but she got right back up and had stopped by the time she reached me. If I had known the kid was only going to walk her around once, I would have brought my skates, but I didn't so I was just on the sidelines while she basically taught herself how to skate. She did great, mostly walking on ice but she had enthusiasm which was more than she's shown in any other sport so far. I'll try to get some video up later this week. After, we ate lunch and got ready to come home. Once home, I dropped Husband off at Urgent Care while getting Little Miss ready for bed. Husband texted confirmation that his ankle was broken. His dad picked him up and drove him home with a cast, crutches and pain medication. He'll have to follow up with an orthopedic doctor as soon as he can. So, those were the highs and lows.