Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Falling to Pieces

Little Miss loves The Script's Breakeven. (Lyrics can be found here.) 

In the car this morning, the song comes on the radio. She got all excited and started to sing along. Then, she asks what it means to fall to pieces. I told her it’s when you fall apart and cry or get upset because someone hurt your feelings. She just looks ahead and says, "well, I never do that." 

Husband and I joke that she has no emotions. I'm sure she will some day, and it's good she doesn't let other people affect her opinion of herself or her emotions, but it's also kind of funny and odd.


Shannon said...

Your stories about her and the things she says crack me up. I can't wait til Hunter starts to really talk.

Oh and to answer your question, the only holidays we officially get off are the big ones like xmas, thanksgiving, labor day etc. In the past we've had to work MLK, Presidents and Veterans Day. But it's always so quiet and now that we can work from home my boss has made those holidays "telework" days.