Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Update - Cozy Up with the Cousins

Last weekend was fun but busy. Friday was a quiet night. We almost did take out, but I picked up a pork loin at the last minute which worked out because it was buy one get one free. On Saturday, we were just slow-moving. We cleaned the apartment and poor Husband had to go to two different stores for dinner preparations. He got home just in time for Brother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law and Nephew which meant dinner was very (very) late. However, the Third Asian Night was successful. We had sushi, fried rice, bulgogi and steamed rice, egg rolls, ribs and brownies. I know the last isn't Asian, but they were made by one!
The kids got to stay up late. For a brief moment, they reclined on the air mattress and were absolutely adorable - before getting up and chasing each other all over the place. They have an adorable relationship and, of course, are adorable together.
On Sunday, we slept late. Then, Little Miss and Husband made pancakes and we had a family breakfast. In the afternoon, Little Miss and I ran an errand and then went to Sister and Nephew's house. The two kids wrestled and had a good time. They acted like they hadn't seen each other in forever (though it's been less than a month). They were exceptional in terms of behavior in my opinion though. Nephew lost the latest of many teeth during dinner. You can't see it, but he also lost his top teeth earlier in the month. The lower right one is the one he lost last night.
My parents came over later for dinner as well as Sister's boyfriend, and we had a nice dinner. The kids got to play a little longer before Little Miss and I went to my parents' house to meet their new cat, Griffin (Nephew named him after RG3). He was a sweet little guy even if Little Miss was a little upset that he only came to me and she didn't get to pet him. Little Miss fell asleep on the way home after a long weekend with no minimal naps and sleeping, but it was worth it. Poor thing is coming down with a little cold, I think, too. Hopefully, it won't progress beyond the cough right now, but it's probably unlikely as her class has been sick. There's a long weekend coming up so it would be sad if she was sick for it. Plus, we have tickets to Disney on Ice on Friday which she's been looking forward to.