Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Update - Not much to report

Nothing much happened last week.  It was a successful week at school.  Our routine worked well.  Little Miss went to bed early for us each night.  We were on top of forms and homework and lunches.  On Friday after work, we went grocery shopping as a family and then had a late night.  As thanks, Little Miss slept late on Saturday.  We played Chutes and Ladders (I lost).  Little Miss had big meals which worried me she was having another growth spurt, but I think she was just hungry.  Then, we cleaned up a little bit and took naps.  In the evening, Little Miss tried her new food of the week (sweet potatoes).  They were a bomb, but she did enjoy the pork and rice part of the evening.  I gave her some applesauce to take the place of sweet potatoes.

On Sunday, Husband woke up with Little Miss.  Then, I was called in for reinforcements as she tossed her cookies.  Again and again.  Poor thing had a low fever and was sick on and off.  She also dozed quite a bit.  She was a pretty good trooper though.  I gave her some juice and crackers.  She asked for some more so I went to the store for more crackers.  She ate oyster crackers and wheat thins.  Then, she had an English muffin for dinner.  This morning, she seemed fine.  She's had bad allergies or a light cold so we'll watch her, but I'm sure she just needed the rest.  

Here's hoping the second week of school goes just as smoothly.

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