Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vacation Update - Beach Fun

Little Miss loved having her cousin at the beach with her. Well, at first. Then, they went their separate ways, but they were always glad the other was there at least. They'll play more as they get older, too. They are at tough ages to interact a lot now.
Little Miss loves having her grandparents near her - both sets. Both sets spoil her and give her their undivided attention.
Nephew was great at the beach. He was definitely stylin'. Also, on the last day, I got quite a bit of cuddle time as he napped on my chest. Nothing more relaxing than hanging out at the beach with a baby sleeping on you.
After the beach every day, we went to the pool to extend the fun. Little Miss loved it. She's getting to be quite the little water kid. We definitely want to get her swimming next year. We were a little slow this year to sign her up. Husband wants to work with her through the off-seasons, too.